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Sep 2019

Weaving our female energy!

We take a step out of everyday life that keeps us busy. We give ourselves the opportunity to remember who we really are at the core of our existence. A stop to take a breath, to be found in our body, in our spirit.In moments of peace, tranquility but also celebration. With the wonderful group of other wonderful women.Female qualities. Magic, creation, nourishment, offer, love....

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Kanatadika the land of potters


Feb 2019

Kanatadika the land of potters

Kanatadika from ancient times was an area where its inhabitants were engaged in the manufacture of all kinds pottery . This also reveals the name “Kanatadika”(the land of potters), which is the name of the entire coastal area and Keramidogournes a section of the small Livari, from where they extracted the soil rich in clay, forming large-sized basins (gournes ) that have remained till today....

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Incredible but real


Dec 2018

Incredible but real

On summer we usually sit in the courtyard beneath the pergola,  with our guests until late  night, enjoying the coolness. The evening of September 4, 2018 was amazing . The phone rang and my neighbor announced that a ship was next to our umbrellas. I did not take it very seriously and I thought that a fishing boat would have some damage and caught the...

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Oct 2018

Three Day Autumn Detox

Based on the Principles of Hippocrates and the Hindu Tradition Autumn and Spring are the transitional seasons of the year, preparing us for the extreme weather conditions of Winter and Summer. Autumn is the right time for detoxification in order to prepare our organism for the upcoming cold of the Winter. While Spring is ideal to detoxify from the toxins we received in the Winter...

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Παραδοσιακοί φούρνοι στην Ιστιαία


Mar 2017

Traditional bread ovens at Istiaia North Evia

At the period of our holidays rates fall, we usually have time to evaluate so at any place we are, looking for genuine and authentic .With these thoughts, we present three traditional bread ovens, still existing in Istiaia , using wood for fuel .The three ovens are switched on, the last one hundred years, in the area, and worth visiting them as an attraction. The free...

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