Traditional bread ovens at Istiaia North Evia

Παραδοσιακοί φούρνοι στην Ιστιαία

At the period of our holidays rates fall, we usually have time to evaluate so at any place we are, looking
for genuine and authentic .With these thoughts, we present three traditional bread ovens, still existing in
Istiaia , using wood for fuel .The three ovens are switched on, the last one hundred years, in the area, and
worth visiting them as an attraction. The free space is usually small, filled with the smell of bread and customers good mornings.

Bread is the basis of Greek nutrition and has entered so deeply into Greek culture, which in their everyday
conversation, are using phrases that show the relationship of Greek people with this product:

He says the bread bun

Hungry one, dreams loaves

(for someone who has nothing to eat)

He is working for his bread

(for someone who earn money from his job)

Your words satiated me, and you can eat your bread

(for someone who speaks well )

Neighbor’s bread is sweeter

and many others.

Technology has advanced the preparation of bread.We can find many different types of bread, from standardized large industries production in supermarkets. But the smell of freshly baked bread that just came out of the oven is unforgettable .We should also mention the personal attention of the baker, the special energy that gives each baker to the bread, so that we have on our table a handmade bread from “this baker” oven, and not another industrial product.

The lighting of the oven at a certain time, so it has time to heat up the oven, the cleaning of furnace ash (panisma), the turning of bread to cook on all sides, the loaves position changing in the oven for even cooking, the drying of wood for the next day, are few of works that we observed during the baking .This particular care is that we get along with bread from a traditional wood oven and perhaps it is this care which makes it more delicious … At Aenaon studios we always care, to give you everything special. Always we serve breakfast ,with handmade yeast bread, from
wood ovens of Istiaia.


Aenaon Studio

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