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Mar 2017

Greek baklavas recipe

Are you trying to find your star? Today we’ll give you a different proposal for making your own star, a star which will make your way… sweet. Traditionally at north Evia and commonly at Istiaia area, the Christmas sweet is “baklava”. This may happen because of the big walnut production of this area. What else we know is that refuses which settled at early 1900 bring recipes like...

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The swan lake at North Evia


Feb 2017

The swan lake at North Evia

A very nice attraction for visiting the North Evia, are the lagoons Livaria(plural) at Kanatadika.Livari(singular)  word comes from Divari or Vivari (medieval Hellenic Divarion) .Divari is the common name of the fish pond. The small and large Livari are two coastal lagoons, because of the connecting orifices  with the sea,  the salinity of the water is determined by this relationship and the entrance of seawater...

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