Greek baklavas recipe

Συνταγή για μπακλαβά από το Aenaon Studios

Are you trying to find your star? Today we’ll give you a different proposal for making your own star, a star which will make your way… sweet. Traditionally at north Evia and commonly at Istiaia area, the Christmas sweet is “baklava”. This may happen because of the big walnut production of this area. What else we know is that refuses which settled at early 1900 bring recipes like these to north Evia.

What you need for a 50 cm diameter round oven pan 1.5 kg thin pastry leaves 800 g fresh melted butter(fresh butter for cooking)

1.5 kg walnuts or walnuts and almonds together
1.5 tea cup crushed dry bread
3/4 tea cup sugar
3 oranges ξύσμα
1/2 tea spoon grounded cinnamon

2 kg sugar
4 glasses of water
2 juiced lemon(the juice)
Cinnamon wood and some cloves

We put all the ingredients of the filling together.We prepare a round oven pan .At the bottom of the pan we put six thin pastry leaves ,one by one , cut at the shape of the bottom.Then we start putting the filling (as video shows )and one of the thin pastry leaves ,the one after the other, in layers.About a full hand of filling at every layer.Until we put about the half of the filling, we don’t cut the end of pastry leaves but we turn it and cover with filling again.At every layer we press lightly and we take care to put fillings at round end of our pan.After this we continue putting pastry leaves and filling, now we cut again the pastry leaves at the shape of the pan.When the filling is over ,we mind to have six more pastry leaves for the top. We put them one by one and cut at the shape of the pan.

The sweet star

We now continue with the cutting ceremony. We find the middle of the pan and with this as center we first cut a cross till the bottom of the pan. Then we cut a X diagonal to the cross and after this we have + and x on same center at our pan.At each quarter cut by the +scheme we have a diagonal line (from the x cut). At each quarter we first cut parallel to diagonal lines and then parallel to + line in order to have a star scheme at the end.Each time we cut a piece we press a clove in the middle ,in order the pastry leaves not to turn over. When we finish with the cutting we pour the boiling fresh butter with a big spoon to all surface of the pan .We have already the oven heated at 170oC ,we put our pan into the oven and turn the temperature at 150 oC.At this temperature we cook our baklava for 90 minutes.

We make our sirup and we boil it for 10 minutes, then we let it ,so to minimize the temperature .We pour the sirup to our hot baclava at once when we take it off the oven. After an hour you can taste it. Delicious isn’t it?
You can keep it for a month and more outside of refrigerator.


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