Agritourism activities in our 6.5 acres garden.

We are located in NATURA 2000 protected area, with rich biodiversity.

During your holiday you can participate in:

Courses – Health Food Lectures addressing various topics such as nutrition
for kids, healthy cooking.

Environmental games with various subjects (eg the journey of a seed, dramatic play, construction).

Υιοθετήστε ένα φυτό - Aenaon Studios Voreia - Evoia
Adopt a plant.

At the time of your stay we give you the opportunity to adopt a plant from
our backyard tree or herb, Plant, irrigate and treat it. Even collect and
taste its fruits.

Hiking in our region’s rich biodiversity and presentation and briefing on the
rare bird species endemic to the region.

In our property, we care to spend pleasantly your time!

Evening activities such as ping pong, soccer, volleyball, movies for children and adults and evenings with company mood…

If you like Movies and popcorn you will have the opportunity to watch films for children and adults under the starry sky.

paralia - kanatadika -istiaia

The North Evoikos is an ideal place for those who love fishing. Also for the water sports lovers Kanatadika beach is ideal for: windsurfing, kite, sailing. For these activities there are teachers and sailing club.

kite greece voria evoia

pezoporia-kataraktes voreia evoia