Green management


At Aenaon studios to preserve and protect the environment is our main concern.

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.

- Indian proverb

The natural environment that we live and our daily coexistence with the rich fauna of the region, we are even more awareness in protecting achievements.We feel responsibility that is expressed through continuous improvement of services and materials we use .Information, reasonable use, reuse and recycling are principles we share with you.

We feel a responsibility to next generations so
we have adopted the following practices:

  • in All areas use led economy lamps
  • the water used is heated by solar radiation
  • taps and toilet tanks are water saving technology
  • windows are energy saving double glazing, with gas and shading film.
  • we separate and recycle waste
  • We use as much as possible environmentally friendly materials
  • We inform our visitors about the green management ,of our area and the benefits, to the ecosystem, making them fellow in our efforts
  • in our agritourism activities, we educate children on environmental protection

Also we host youth from Greece and abroad with environmental awareness, in cooperation with institutions, we organize actions in the region, such as planting, cleaning coasts etc.