Three Day Autumn Detox

Based on the Principles of Hippocrates and the Hindu Tradition

Autumn and Spring are the transitional seasons of the year, preparing us for the extreme weather conditions of Winter and Summer.
Autumn is the right time for detoxification in order to prepare our organism for the upcoming cold of the Winter. While Spring is ideal to detoxify from the toxins we received in the Winter to cope with the cold but also to prepare us organically for the Summer heat.

Autumn Call
We will be glad if you come to spend together a refreshing Three Day Autumn Detoxification, on the wonderful nature of North Evia, aiming at Holistic Health, as well as improving our quality of nutrition and lifestyle.

Through Nutrition and Variety of Practices, we will eliminate toxins from all our bodies (Natural, Energy, Psycho-emotional, Mental, Spiritual), having as a result the better functioning of the Digestive System and the whole organism, stimulation of the Immune System, energy storage, psycho-emotional and mental serenity, etc.

Detailed program
Friday 26/10
– 17:00 – Welcoming with Detoxifying Herbs and Fruit Juices
& Area Tour
– 19:00 – Practices for Eliminating Tensions (from the Hindu and Taoist Tradition)
– 20:00 – Dinner
– 21:00 – Talking Circle
– 22:00 – Purifying Meditation Practice – Tratak Kriya (from the Hindu Tradition)

Saturday 27/10
– 8:30 – Breakfast
– 10:00 – Toxins in the Natural Body – Toxic Emotions – Toxic Thoughts (theoretical part)
– 11:30 – Practices for Eliminating Tensions (from the Hindu and Taoist Tradition)
– 12:30 – Practices of Cleansing & Detoxification (from the Hindu Tradition)
– 14:00 – Lunch
– 15:00 – Free time
– 16:30 – Purification in the Sea or in the Thermal Baths (depending on the weather)
– 18:30 – Purifying Practice of Silence – Mouna (from theHindu Tradition) & Free time
– 20:00 – Dinner
– 21:00 – Release through Music

Sunday 28/10
– 8:30 – Breakfast
– 10:00 – Nutrition and correct eating habits from the Hippocratic point of view (theoretical part)
– 11:30 – Meditation for Purification and Balancing the Energy Centers (Chakra Meditation)
– 13:00 – Purifying Practice of Silence – Mouna (from theHindu Tradition)
– 14:00 – Lunch
– 15:00 – Free time
– 17:00 – Purification in the Nature
– 19:00 – Dinner
– 20:00 – Closing Talking Circle

* Since it is a three-day detox for all our bodies, we recommend that you do not bring with you a Laptop, Tablet. The same applies for mobile phones, so please leave them in your rooms and have them only for emergency communication.
,You will need to bring with you comfortable clothes (warm if it’s cold) and a yoga mat.
The Three Day Automn Detox, along with acomodation in the Aenaon Studios and full Nutrition, starts at 150 €.

** If book your spot and pre-pay (half the amount) by 15/10, you will have a 10% reduction in the price.

For more information and for booking your spot please contact Aenaon Studios and Stella Matigaki at 6973002204, 2226055461 or via a personal message with Myrto Peridou.
Also visit


Myrto Peridou * Deva Prem
Yoga Teacher & Alternative Therapist

Myrto Peridou first time came in contact with Yoga and Alternative Therapies many years ago, in order to heal serious health issues. Yoga and the Spiritual Pathchanged her life, thus she decided to work professionally on the “AlternativeTherapies” field, so she could offer the “gift” she was given to others.

She completed her 3 year studiesvat the Lotus Yoga Academy in 2011 and she got her Higher Yoga Degree certification from the International Yoga Alliance (ERYT-500). In addition to her basic education, she has attended many Seminars by renowned Greek and foreign masters such as Therapeutic Yoga (Linda Captain, Leslie Kaminoff, Simon Borg-Oliver and Todd Norian), Chakra Yoga (with Swami Nirvikalpa), Nada Yoga (with Eleni Korakas), Yoga for children (with Christina Matsis and certification by Rainbow Yoga Kids), Yoga for Pregnant (with Bhaktiratna), etc.

She has been trained in Shiatsu (68 hours) at the OM Training Center. In addition to that, she has been trained in Thailand in Chi Nei Tsang – Abdominal Massage (40 hours) at the Ong’s Thai Massage Schoolas well as,she has been trained for 20 hours next to the Teacher Sinchai Sukprasert, Therapeutic Thai Massage. Additionaly, she has an 80 hour training in the Botanology and in the preparation of Therapiutic Drinks, Oils and Creems at the Academy of Ancient Greek and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Till 2017 she waw teaching Hatha Yoga and Therapeutic-Sotai Yoga at the Lotus Yoga Academy and from 2015 she teaches Chakra Yoga Seminars and Self-Healing Workshops. She also guids Meditations (Chakra Meditation, Psychotherapeutic Meditation, Antar Mouna: Silent Mind – Tantric Meditation Technique, Osho Kundalini Active Meditation, etc.), as well as she provids Reiki, Shiatsu, Chi Nei Tsang and Therapiutic Thai Massagepezoporia-kataraktes voreia evoia


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